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About Aldora Kong

H owdy people! My Christian name is Aldora which means “Noble” in English & “Winged Gift” in Greek. I believe that I exist for a noble purpose to be a Winged Gift in YOUR life!

I was gifted with a quirky sense of writing humour and I enjoy expressing my emotions through my writing because I am pretty introverted at times. I do write for my other Beauty & Lifestyle Blog — Aldora Muses during my leisure time and I enjoy capturing beautiful memories in photos.

What Inspired Me

I grew up deprived of my parents’ approval & I had lots of resentment within me due to childhood trauma. It was so bad that I sank into depression for a while. It was during the darkest period of my life that I attended the “Living in Passion” program (now rebranded as “Creating Your Miracles”) hosted by MiracleLife that showed me that my purpose in life is not to wallow in self-pity but to love & add value to this world.

With the key takeaways from what I learnt from “Living in Passion“, I was inspired to help others walk out of their darkest moments and restore their faith.

Through “Living in Passion“, I discovered my mission to be the light that shines in the darkest situation – shedding light to those who are doubtful and depressed. Hence I wrote my first eBook entitled “365 Days of Glorious Victory” as I strongly believe that we have the ability to triumph over our daily challenges. I hope to motivate others through my eBook and daily motivational messages via my Exclusive VIP Email Newsletter.

“You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed, or unworthy. You were created to be victorious.”

~ Joel Osteen

Fun Facts About 365 Days of Glorious Victory

#1: “365 Days of Glorious Victory” used to be “10 Simple Steps to Living Abundantly”

Do you know that the previous title of my eBook was “10 Simple Steps to Living Abundantly” prior to renaming it to “365 Days of Glorious Victory“?

That is because I felt that 10 simple steps are too superficial and hence I decided to beef it up with more value-added content so that my readers can benefit from it better.

So the lesson learnt here is that it is perfectly OK to take imperfect actions and recalibrate afterwards. It beats not taking any action and be stuck in the same predicament.

#2: Join My Victor Squad!

By downloading my “365 Days of Glorious Victory” eBook, you will automatically be enrolled to my Exclusive VIP Email Newsletter whereby I will be boosting your morale on a daily basis as your affectionate strategist.

I address my subscribers as being in my Victor Squad as we fight our enemies (our daily challenges) together.

#3: I’m Your Affectionate Strategist

In every battle, you need a strategist to plan for you in order to obtain glorious victory.

Same for my Victor Squad – I want to be the affectionate strategist that moves the squad towards glorious victory through my daily encouragements.

Be A Victor Today!

If you want to join my Victor Squad & be a fellow comrade of mine, you may do so by enlisting yourself below!


To A Victorious You

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