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Thank you so much for that email. It was like you spoke from my own heart.

Just went to the doctor today & was told another pre-cancerous lump has formed in my breast. This all in the space of a few weeks.

Prayer changes things & I know that after being weeks in a coma so I just trust in God even more.

Your email really helped give me the reassurance I need.

Nicole Burnett
NY, United States
Khairul Ariffin Khairul Ariffin, Top Network Marketing Entrepreneur & Success Coach

Reading this eBook gave me much clarity on practical steps I can take to shift my mentality, which is very helpful especially in overcoming our own insecurities and limiting beliefs.

Aldora bares her own issues and share her personal journey of healing and growth, which I believe must have taken a lot of courage and strength. Thank you for writing this eBook.

I highly recommend everyone to download it and see how it can help you.

Daniel Huang Daniel Huang, Writer

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